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Custom CNC Routers

DMI manufactures Custom Routers to shape your business. Our Tool Makers can manufacture your Custom Router in almost any size and configuration. If you have a project in mind, contact us to see what DMI can do for you.

How our Custom Routers work

DMI offers easy to use, high efficiency Custom Routers featuring Baldor motors. Operation is as easy as sliding material into the machine. Combine one, two, three, or four Shapers into one easily placed machine. Let DMI's Custom Routers do the work, they will save you time, money, and space.
Benefits of DMI Custom Routers:


Here at Die Masters Inc., we specialize in designing and building high quality and affordable tool manufacturing and metal stamping Custom Routers that meet and exceed your specifications and requirements right down to the smallest detail.

Die Masters Inc can help mold your business with by helping you to manufacture a Custom Router. Our tool and die makers have many years of experience and are highly skilled in building precision metal stamping Custom Routers. Any one of our Tool Manufacturing employees can build your custom router to almost any size and specification you might request. Our routers are made so that you have to do as little work as possible. Our Custom Routers utilize Baldor motors, which provide high efficiency, energy efficient electric motors with adjustable speeds. This helps us build a router that saves you time, money, and space!

Die Masters Inc. has been designing, building and Custom Routers for for almost 30 years!. Our business model is to provide high quality metal stamping, tool and die, and custom router equipment that is long lasting and very efficient. The operation of our routers is designed to be as easy as sliding one material into the machine. You can combine two, three, or four routing shapers into the machine; allowing quick and efficient workflows. Whether you need a Custom router that one person can operate, has high horsepower, or has arbor support for tall stacks, Diemasters is the manufacturing tool company for you!

DMI is a metal stamping manufacturer that keeps overhead low, which allows a more efficient and capable workforce. This means Lower Costs and Higher quality products for our customers. Choose Die Masters as your next Custom Router Manufacturer and you won’t be disappointed! Contact our tool manufacturing and metal die staff directly via our easy-to-use Custom Router quote form today!