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Metal Stamping

Whether you need a few thousand or a few hundred thousand Metal Stampings the Tool Makers at DMI will cover all your Metal Stamping & Metal Forming needs.

From Your Concept to Production

DMI provides you with direct contact to the Tool and Die Maker from quote to delivery. All your Metal Stamping questions will be answered by the very people working with your product so your ideas never get lost in the shuffle.
The typical process looks like this:

Metal Stamping Capabilities

DMI provides a wide variety of Metal Stamping options. From our in-house presses to our many outside contacts, challenge us with your needs.
DMI can handle:

Finishing and Packaging

DMI can bulk package or individually package your product after its final finish. DMI offers in-house or off-site finishing options for Metal Stamping components including:

Die Maintenance

During Metal Stamping and Metal Forming production at DMI, standard maintenance of the Stamping Die and tooling will be taken care of at no extra charge.

Tooling Transfer

DMI offers you the opportunity to run your Metal Stamping products, that already have tooling, at our Portland facility. This alternative can be useful if your company is no longer satisfied with your current supply system. Contact our knowledgeable Tool Maker's to discuss what options you have.

Die Masters Inc. encourages our customers to contact us regarding any precision metal stamping idea or concept. Integrating state of the art CAD Design with our full machine shop, we are able to offer a large array of metal stamping services:

What Is Metal Stamping?
Sheet Metal Stamping Dies are used to produce high precision results over and over again. This is an integral part of any manufacturing process as metal stamping dies can achieve high levels of accuracy and stability. Products of metal stamping can be seen everywhere, from the computer that you are using, to the lamp on your desk.

How Does Metal Stamping Work?
Metal Stamping includes many different types of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes. Parts of the process include punching (using a machine or stamping press), blanking, coining, embossing, and bending. The majority of stampings are done on sheet metal, but can also be used on other materials, such as aluminum, steel, plastic, psa, and foil.

Process that results in a V, U, or channel shape in any bendable material (most often sheet metal) without fracturing. An example would be the bottom of a drink can.

A shearing operation that uses a punch to create a blank from sheet metal or a plate.

Progressive Die
Metal Stamping die that pushes a sheet of metal through a series of operations until a finished part is made. An example would be the lid of a soda can (separate operations for the lid and pull tab).

Compound Die
Metal Stamping Die that performs more than one operation in a single press.

Deep Draw
Process where a drawing press is used to form sheet metal through the mechanical action of a punch. An example would be your kitchen sink.

Process of cutting the threads in a hole. An example of this would be a nut, where a bolt screws into.

A precision metal stamping form used most often where high relief or very fine features are needed. An example would be money (quarter, nickel, dime), badges, and medals.

Metalworking process where soft malleable metals are shaped and designed by hammering on the reverse side.

Die Masters Inc. provides a wide variety of metal stamping options. We can handle:

Die Masters Inc. serves many metal stamping industries with excellent results. These services include:

If you are interested in learning more about your own custom metal stamping process, then fill out our metal stamping request form here:

Metal Stamping Quote

*Any questions you might have will go directly to the tool and die maker that will be working on your project. Go ahead - ask them today!